'The Veils of Illusion'

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"A beautifully evocative allegory of the spiritual journey reading somewhat like 'A Pilgrim's Progress' for the 21st Century."

Watkins Books, www.watkinsbooks.co.uk

"A sacred & enchanting tale of the soul's journey through the polarities of light & dark, restriction & freedom, vulnerability & power"

Steve Nobel, www.stevenobel.com
A director of Alternatives, St James's

"This book will open your eyes to the 'inner' you; the subconcious which plays such a huge part in your life - an extremely powerful & moving story. On a scale of 1 to 10, it scores a 10 plus."

J. Osborne, Paradigm Shift Magazine (2010) www.paradigmshiftmagazine.com

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Poetry (& Music)


How Wonderful it feels to be lying here
Touching Nature’s hand,
Feeling the warmth of the sun,
The strength the Universe holds
I am beginning to understand

The wind is blowing through the trees
And blowing through my hair,
Yet only this morning I was tense and afraid
Trying to control my future and present
My intuition, alas, betrayed

The sun moves further in the sky
And distant voices become more distant,
I listen instead to the voice deep inside,
The voice which has stayed away too long,
And I feel I could stay here all day,
Gaining more of your strength
Feeling I could do no wrong

I close my eyes to the world around me,
This time is for me alone
And I open my mind, body and soul
To a world I barely know,
A world of wonder and love
Of true and marvellous creation
Mysterious and unseen
Yet my trust in you is beginning to grow

For the world around me believes
In that which is proven and shown,
The worship of the constant and the tangible
Providing the security we seem to desire,
Yet it sometimes seems so meaningless
Life’s hollow cavity

The light of the sun is slowly dying
As I lie here on my own,
Yet I have felt at one with another world
The higher power, my guiding light,
And no matter that the sun no longer touches me
As the night begins to unfurl
For it is wonderful to know,
You are the constant in my life
This poem is also available to purchase in printed A4 laminated form


I had to look to see
That which I did not wish to see,
The need that I had abandoned in me
Cast deep in the ocean of thoughts
Where no ships pass through day or night,
For ships will not come to rescue in calm waters.

Yet under calm waters a storm began to brew
And like the hurricanes in our natural world
There was nothing I could do,
For it threatened to bring to the surface
The ‘me’ I had buried down below.

I guess I knew you were always down there
But I never dared to look
Not too closely anyway,
And although I did not like the stormy seas
That your rumblings brought
At least I knew I was in a sea.

For I could feel the ebb and flow of the water
Under my feet and touching my body,
I could feel myself because of what was touching me. And I was touched by your honesty
As pure as any water I may drink from a stream.

More perfect than the face I show to the world
Knowing that it is what ‘they’ want to see
Rather than that which is the true me,
In truth I know that I have been afraid
Afraid that ships would pass and not notice me
If I was not the ‘me’ they wanted to see.

So that is why I left you down there
When I can see now that you are the one,
The one who speaks the truth.
And if all I have done is dismiss you
Tell me why you still ask help from someone like me?

This poem is also available to purchase in printed A4 laminated form.


The leaves are dead, cut with a knife
No more will they live a new life
They don’t live long to want the things
I seem to yearn for when nothing life brings

I sit here, a prisoner in my room
Reality to me is as far as the moon
I live in a dream, in the clouds if you like
But soon I must face it or trouble will strike

There is no drop of sweetness spared
To those of us who have never dared
To reach out for love in an empty heart
For fear that we might have to part
From the ray of light we hoped to see
Since hope is better than reality

The sun may shine but like a star
It can never touch, it is too far
I must stop dreaming and living in fear
The world needs me, surely that’s why I’m here
Perhaps if I try love will come to me
I just cannot turn my back on reality

Here’s to tomorrow, my yesterdays are gone
I must not be afraid to make heard my song
A song of love, peace not war
There’s enough sadness without making more
I must try to teach others not to be
Afraid to face reality

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Poetry and Music

Here is an extract from one of my poems:

"I listen instead to the voice deep inside, The voice which has stayed away too long, And I feel I could stay here all day," read more

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‘All I Remember’ sung by soul/jazz artist Kat. D

About Maria Pelengaris

"I feel that this book will provide encouragement and reassurance to anyone struggling with the task of trying to live more authentically, by helping them to see the various obstacles as opportunities for learning and keeping in view the light at the end of the tunnel."

- Jeremy Cranswick, Watkins Books


"Thank you for your inspirational and important book... it touches the archetypal domain where real transformation and development happens."

- Dr Lila Moore, Spiritual film maker


"'The Veils of Illusion' is an insightful book. It helps the reader to 'look at life from the inside out, rather than from the outside in' as the late C.G. Jung once said."

- Jacquelyn Owens, Artist