'The Veils of Illusion'

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"A beautifully evocative allegory of the spiritual journey reading somewhat like 'A Pilgrim's Progress' for the 21st Century."

Watkins Books, www.watkinsbooks.co.uk

"A sacred & enchanting tale of the soul's journey through the polarities of light & dark, restriction & freedom, vulnerability & power"

Steve Nobel, www.stevenobel.com
A director of Alternatives, St James's

"This book will open your eyes to the 'inner' you; the subconcious which plays such a huge part in your life - an extremely powerful & moving story. On a scale of 1 to 10, it scores a 10 plus."

J. Osborne, Paradigm Shift Magazine (2010) www.paradigmshiftmagazine.com

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Welcome to my website

At times we feel that our lives must have a higher purpose and we long to connect to our own individual truth.....

If you feel attuned with these sentiments, then you are awakening to your calling in life; a calling to live the life you are meant to live.

Each of us is on our own unique journey. Sometimes this journey can be daunting, confusing or painful; we may feel lost and alone, fearful or stuck on our path and not know where to turn. We may yearn for help or guidance yet not believe it exists for us.

This website offers words of wisdom to comfort you, to encourage and inspire you to walk your own particular path in life . . .

The Veils of Illusion tells the journey of Sophia as she travels along the West Road in search of answers; in search of wholeness and truth.

Sophia represents many of us who long to connect to our individual truth and follow our higher purpose and calling.

There is no need to rush,” the Sibyl explained. ”The true meaning of your time spent here will reveal itself eventually to each and every one of you. Neither you nor I can force the pace – for a river cannot be made to flow faster than the laws of nature will permit.” (page 198)

“You see, Sophia, the Outside World is dominated by all that can be seen…..scientific facts, appearances, results, actions. There is nothing wrong with each of these in themselves but collectively it leaves a very imbalanced world, one in which we are blind to all that is hidden. Yet without that which is hidden, we are only half-alive….” Emil drifted off into his own reverie. (page 160)

See also ‘The Sibyl’s Mirror: Sophia’s journey in Words and Images’ e-book coming soon (www.transformative-cinedance.com/Sophia.html)

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"As we journey through our daily life,
there are messages to help us on
our way!"

Poetry and Music

Here is an extract from one of my poems:

"I listen instead to the voice deep inside, The voice which has stayed away too long, And I feel I could stay here all day," read more

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‘All I Remember’ sung by soul/jazz artist Kat. D

About Maria Pelengaris

"I feel that this book will provide encouragement and reassurance to anyone struggling with the task of trying to live more authentically, by helping them to see the various obstacles as opportunities for learning and keeping in view the light at the end of the tunnel."

- Jeremy Cranswick, Watkins Books


"Thank you for your inspirational and important book... it touches the archetypal domain where real transformation and development happens."

- Dr Lila Moore, Spiritual film maker


"'The Veils of Illusion' is an insightful book. It helps the reader to 'look at life from the inside out, rather than from the outside in' as the late C.G. Jung once said."

- Jacquelyn Owens, Artist