'The Veils of Illusion'

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"A beautifully evocative allegory of the spiritual journey reading somewhat like 'A Pilgrim's Progress' for the 21st Century."

Watkins Books, www.watkinsbooks.co.uk

"A sacred & enchanting tale of the soul's journey through the polarities of light & dark, restriction & freedom, vulnerability & power"

Steve Nobel, www.stevenobel.com
A director of Alternatives, St James's

"This book will open your eyes to the 'inner' you; the subconcious which plays such a huge part in your life - an extremely powerful & moving story. On a scale of 1 to 10, it scores a 10 plus."

J. Osborne, Paradigm Shift Magazine (2010) www.paradigmshiftmagazine.com

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Maria Pelengaris is a British author and poet, born in London’s Drury Lane of dual parentage (her mother English and father Greek Cypriot). She obtained a mathematics/business degree from the LSE in the 1980’s and for a time worked in the City’s financial sector. Realising this world was not for her, Maria went off travelling across Asia and the Middle-East during which time she discovered her love for writing prose and poetry.

On her return, she embarked upon a new career in the mental health system (NHS). The next 12 years saw Maria working at London’s St Bartholomew’s Hospital and the Homerton hospital in Hackney where she became a senior Charge Nurse as well as a trained CAT Counsellor (Cognitive Analytic Therapy).

Following a great upheaval in her life in 2000 Maria was forced to take time out to heal. It was during this turbulent and often painful time that she wrote ‘The Veils of Illusion’, a novel about the journey of Sophia (a woman who, disillusioned with her life, embarks on a life-transforming journey towards Truth). For more information see: http://www.mariapelengaris.com

Maria eventually made the difficult decision to leave the mental health profession.

Since then Maria has trained as a Reiki healer, though mainly using this to help family and friends. In 2005 she qualified as a professional driving instructor, over the last 3 years running her own driving school. She is also writing her second novel.

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Poetry and Music

Here is an extract from one of my poems:

"I listen instead to the voice deep inside, The voice which has stayed away too long, And I feel I could stay here all day," read more

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‘All I Remember’ sung by soul/jazz artist Kat. D

About Maria Pelengaris

"I feel that this book will provide encouragement and reassurance to anyone struggling with the task of trying to live more authentically, by helping them to see the various obstacles as opportunities for learning and keeping in view the light at the end of the tunnel."

- Jeremy Cranswick, Watkins Books


"Thank you for your inspirational and important book... it touches the archetypal domain where real transformation and development happens."

- Dr Lila Moore, Spiritual film maker


"'The Veils of Illusion' is an insightful book. It helps the reader to 'look at life from the inside out, rather than from the outside in' as the late C.G. Jung once said."

- Jacquelyn Owens, Artist